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Dive Into The World Of Mobile Technology!

If you look at mobile phones from the year they were developed and introduced to customers and follow their evolution up to this day, you will find that it didn’t take much time to make them into an everyday necessity. You most likely won’t find a single person in this world who doesn’t own a mobile phone of any sort. The very concept of mobile phones has changed from the first years of development to this point of time. At first, mobile phones were just supposed to be a means of communication. A device you use to call or send a message to another user who had a device of that sort. Where is nowadays you will find that mobile phones are starting to replace almost every single item you would need to carry along with you. There are no longer just something you used to call a person. They are now a tool for almost every single task you would like to have accomplished.

Adding so many useful attributes to mobile phones would be possible without the mobile applications, which allowed to mobile phones to perform all of these tasks in the first place. Of course, these mobile applications don’t just appear on their own. Someone has to think about whether or not it would be useful to have one of these applications available and then more importantly someone has to create it. If you look at the application markets for the phones today, it will be able to see that you have a large selection in front of you. Those would be to free applications and the ones users will have to pay for before they would be able to use them. Regardless, the same amount of effort goes into creating both kinds.

The business of the Mobile app development is increasing in popularity and it is certainly becoming a lucrative system of income for anyone who has any outstanding knowledge about the programs used in creation of applications which are going to be sought out by users. You don’t even need to have a professional mobile phone application developing business in order to create an application you know the users will enjoy. The only things you will need to be successful in this case would be a solid knowledge of developments and an idea about the application you could sell or share with other mobile phone users. The good idea is the most important aspect of the entire process. Because you will find that a lot of applications have already been created, you will have to put a lot more effort into thinking of something that could be useful to people to point where they would actually search for it and download it. A remake of an application which already seems to exist won’t gain you much popularity or profit. What you need is a fresh, unique idea which will entice users into gaining interest into your application.


RingCentral Fax Review

Google’s RingCentral Fax has been providing alternative and reliable business communication options for more than 10 years now.  According to the multiple awards received by this fax server, it is considered among the best in the internet fax service field.  The available information about the google free fax services describes it as a truly professional service that comes at a very reasonable cost.  Its various plans are designed to accommodate both small and large businesses and individuals.

The amazing opportunity to give it a try without paying anything adds to the RingCentral Fax appeal and attracts the attention of many new customers.  The 30 day free trial gives you the chance to try all its features and determine from a firsthand experience its worth and usefulness to your own of business.  In case, you want to cancel your account after the free trial, all you need to do is call their office during the service hours.

The RingCentral Fax service is available in the USA, UK and Canada and users are able to get a fax number for these locations as well.  The most popular of their plans, give you the opportunity to have a shared fax number for your whole company and send between 500 to 2500 free pages per month.  The free fax pages can be used to both sent and received faxes, and all plans include phone and web support and a number of other helpful features.

The information provided by google free fax service gives you some useful tips that are easy to follow.  The RingCentral Fax sign up is easy and free from any charge.  Once completed, you are sent a verification email that gives you the green light.  The digital fax number is automatically activated and thanks to the support service any issues that could arise are quickly resolved.  This fax service offers spam protection and blocks the messages that do not display a caller ID.  The support service is professional and do not let you wait for hours as many others do.  Your questions are answered immediately and you are able to continue your work in no time.

In case you want to explore other google free fax services, go through the information provided at google fax services free information.  All of the Google fax services use Gmail accounts to send and receive faxes.  This option makes it possible to send faxes in the same way you send a regular email with an attachment.  The process is simple and after the initial sign up procedures all that is required from you is to write and send the fax, without any other complications.  RingCentral Fax gives to its users the opportunity to do business through the Internet and save money from paper and fax machine repairs.  You can still keep your current fax number by transferring it into a digital one, without losing too much time.  Therefore, the Google fax services are good for your business and offer new opportunities for its development.

Play Online Games for Free

Knowledge grows as the technology grows. There are now many ways to make fun and be entertained. There are now online games that are offered now for free which means as long you have the right device that can support the game and an internet connection that would not fail you, then having fun with online games will not be a problem.

Studies would say that people are being hooked up with the products of technology and may be you could see that. Even you yourself can attest that you are playing online games most of your free time. There are benefits you could get when you play free online games not just being free alone where you have the privilege not to pay to access the game.

  1. Develop Cognitive Skills and Boost Memory

Online games tend to be an educational practice for it offer games that can make your brain work. People nowadays find challenges on online games that targets response and memory. There are puzzle, trivia, and strategy games that make your memory skills work. It enhances cognitive children development among children where their speed and memory can be enhanced.

  1. Ability to have Social Interaction

Building relationship among others is one of the factors that people think is not easy. But with online interactions, the players of online games build both meaningful and casual relationships. People playing on multiplayer games have the opportunity to strengthen their relationships and meet new friends. Online games create a sense of camaraderie and find out that partnering with someone can overcome difficult challenge.

  1. Strengthen family ties

People especially the parents tend to have the problem of their child being into online games. But did you know that online games, besides knowing that it build relationships through players, it can strengthen family ties. Why? For each of the family members can play with each other and have understandings by means of playing online games, thus if your family is away from you, you can stay connected.

  1. Recovery from illness

When you feel like losing hope for your family with chronic diseases cannot deal with their illness, and then there are potential online games that help families deal with it. There are online games released that is designed to help children understand what they are going through and help them cope with their illnesses. Games are easier to understand than books for it is more interactive thus making it one of the causes why children has a know-how of the illness that affect them without hurting their selves. It will help them to deal with future pain and problems that their illness will bring to their bodies.

Online games that are played free are not just beneficial because it is played without pay but is also beneficial because it makes you function as a human. Games offered online will give you more knowledge and will let you learn more than what you have learned.

Significant Information for an Expat Who Wants to Become a Zzp

In the Netherlands, a freelancer is also known as a Zzp (zelfstandige zonder personeel) who is an individual who works by himself and not does have any employees. If you are an expat and want to be a freelancer in the Netherlands, you need to check whether you require a Dutch residence permit or a working permit. This can be checked through the Dutch Immigration service IND. If you are new to Amsterdam, IND or Immigration and Naturalization Service is the government organization that you have to deal with.

The first step for an expat who wants to freelance

If you are a citizen from one of the member countries of the European Union (EU) you are free to become a self-employed freelancer in Amsterdam and you are not required to register with the IND. If you are from a non-EU member country, you are required to apply for a residence permit with the IND. There are requirements that will determine the approval of your application like your qualifications to run a business (diploma or license), business plan and whether you can provide a positive advantage to the Dutch economy. Once your application for residence permit has been approved, you can proceed to the local municipality for your personal BSN (Burgerservicenummer).

Income tax and other tax regulations in the Netherlands

Business registration – after you have decided on what kind of business you want to start in the Netherlands, you have to register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce one week before you start your business. You will be issued a VAT number for tax deductions that apply to your business.

Hours of work – if you are a self-employed freelancer, you are an employee of your own company and you have to declare your income as business profits. You can apply for the entrepreneur allowance if you meet the hour criterion which means being active for at least 1,225 hours/year. This will include time used for travelling, market research and administration of which you need to keep records.

Business expenses – as a self-employed freelancer, there are expenses that can be claimed as business expenses and these include money you have spent for travel, marketing, communication, legal services, accounting, equipment and thirds party services.

Filing of tax returns – as an entrepreneur, you have to file your tax returns on or before April 1 of every year. Make sure to file before the deadline to avoid penalties. As self-employed entrepreneur you always have to pay attention to Dutch tax authorities because if it looks like you only had one client for the majority of the year, the Dutch tax authorities may challenge the VAR declaration and your client will need to face the tax consequences like payment of minimum wage and protection from dismissal.

Filing of VAT returns – the present VAT rates in the Netherlands are 21% (standard) and 6% (reduced rate). You have to charge VAT from your clients through the invoice but this is offset against a VAT supplier. VAT tax return must be filed on a quarterly basis but in cases of high turnover, it can be filed monthly.